Paying For Antivirus Software Worth It or Not?


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thenortonsetup family

Our daily and digital lives overlap one another. Since our personal safety takes precedence over everything, it’s safe to mention that our digital security could be a shut second. Paying for antivirus software is worth or not, you decide yourself after reading this – thenortonsetup.

The price of digital safety

It’s exhausting to place a tag on digital safety. Take malware for instance. These sneaky very little codes realize their means into your devices and transmit your personal info to computers far-flung that square measure operated by fraudsters. The tip result might translate into something from cybercriminals debilitating your checking account to holding all of your info surety by phase change your device and posing for a ransom.

How abundant precaution is simply too much precaution?

As in real world being cautious on-line will stop plenty of hassle. But it’s not foolproof. Once your info is hold on in doctor’s offices, mercantile establishment databases and credit unions, your info is simply as safe because the weakest on-line security these firms use.

This brings United States of America to the largest challenge of web security – free vs paid web security.

Free Antivirus software system

It’s free. Once on a good budget this might facilitate. However keep in mind there’s no such factor as a free meal. Free antivirus software system comes with its own baggage.

While most free antivirus software system comes with smart rating, there’s solely such a lot it will do. It’ll offer basic level protection. You ought to upgrade to the paid type to urge comprehensive coverage. Free software system might not be ready to sustain with the dynamic changes within the cyber landscape. A number of the free antivirus software system comes loaded with advertisements which will slow your device.

There is additionally the chance of revealing your personal info and going away your device open at the mercy of a free service. All of your sensitive transactions, irreplaceable photos and files reside on your device. Swing your trust on a free service is swing an excessive amount of at stake.

Paid Antivirus software system

Paid antivirus software system contains a heap to supply. It’s backed with wonderful client support and guarantee. It not solely defends against viruses, spyware, malware, it additionally safeguards your identity and on-line transactions. After you take a service like Norton Security Premium you get protection for multiple devices and it includes family safety options. Which means your children will explore the connected world safely. Additionally you get twenty five GB of secure cloud storage for your laptop. It additionally mechanically backs up your photos, monetary files and alternative vital documents of your alternative on your Windows laptop. If your pc contains a virus when you subscribe, a Norton skilled can facilitate keep your devices virus-free or provide you with a 100 percent refund.

It is popularly believed that paid antivirus is for folks that use their devices for a lot of complicated and high-end tasks. But the reality is cybercriminals aren’t simply when your device to any extent further. They’re when the knowledge on your device. They’re capable of stealing your cash, your identity and your info. What could seem unimportant to you’ll fetch a high value within the underground economy. With new threats like spyware and knowledge breaches most are capable of turning into a major target for crime regardless of however school savvy they are. The most effective defense is to take a position in a very security suite that provides comprehensive protection and wonderful client support.

Free or Paid? What’s the conclusion?

When it involves digital safety, shopping for an  antivirus security suite could be a little value to pay. With folks defrayal innumerous hours and millions bucks making an attempt to repair what was lost thanks to security oversight shopping for a security suite sounds like the most effective choice. Material possession the consultants use state of the art technology to fight new threats for a tiny low quantity sounds like the logical factor to try and do.

Learn a lot of concerning the protection choices Norton Security will provide you with.

Improve Your Cybersecurity In 2017 By These Simple Ways


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NewYear thenortonsetup

If you take one New Year’s resolution this year, let it’s to boost your cybersecurity practices in 2017.

A variety of incidents in 2016 have shown that folks may be lax once it involves their cybersecurity — making life easier for attackers, and creating it a lot of seemingly they might be targeted in a very cyberattack.

However, straightforward steps will create a giant distinction. Follow these steps below to start out 2017 off by prioritizing your cybersecurity…

Use encryption when you can


Encryption scrambles information in order that it will solely be browse by an individual who has the ‘key’ required to decode it.

You can code your entire disc drive, on each mac and computer in operation systems, so as to stay the data on your device secure.

The encryption of instant messages has received enhanced attention in recent times, with popular communication application WhatsApp having extended end-to-end encryption within the last year. This implies that messages will solely be browse by the individuals sending and receiving them, even the service supplier cannot access them.

It is also possible to encrypt your email, Microsoft workplace documents and PDFs, if you’re notably keen to confirm that solely you’re sensible self, or the meant recipients, will browse them.

Make Strong Passwords

Long, strong, and distinctive are the key words to remember once it involves passwords. Use a unique passwords for each on-line account or device you have — as the most important information breaches of recent times have shown, reusing passwords on multiple accounts or devices will leave you wide receptive hacking.

Ensure, too, that you just don’t continue default passwords — change the passwords on your Wi-Fi router and different web of Things devices to prevent them changing into a part of malicious activity like the Mirai botnet.

Of course, memory an excess of long, sturdy and distinct passwords for a variety of various on-line accounts and devices isn’t simple, therefore employing a password manager could be a sensible plan.

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)

Enabling 2FA is one in all the best ways to keep your on-line accounts secure.

Two-factor authentication applies a second layer of security once work in to your on-line accounts. It always involves having to enter one thing you recognize (your password) alongside with one thing you’ve got, like a code that’s sent to you by text message or generated on a token. This implies that though a hacker steals your password, they won’t mechanically have access to your accounts.

Online banking sites are victimization 2FA for variety of years however it’s currently a feature on variety of services, together with Facebook, Instagram, and Gmail. If you modify it on only 1 of your on-line accounts create it your main email account, as it’s seemingly joined to several of your different on-line accounts and will permit a hacker to cause lots mischief if they access it.

Beware of what you transfer

Map location track

We are now all so used  to downloading apps and plugins, notably on our mobile devices, that we have a tendency to typically fail to concentrate to the permissions being wanted, typically simply blindly clicking ‘okay’ therefore we will transfer the app as quickly as possible.

However, providing some apps create requests like being allowed to ‘Always’ track your location, or to access data on your social media profiles, it’s necessary to concentrate to who has access to your data.

Use respectable security product

Of course, a key thanks to keep data on your devices safe is to use an honest security product.

A full-featured security product can facilitate notice threats like malware and ransomware whereas conjointly protective your on-line transactions. Several conjointly give further options like backups and countersign managers.

However, it’s necessary to stay your security product up to now to confirm you retain yourself protected against the newest threats and attacks.

Back up your files

Ransomware could be a threat we’ve got written a lot on thenortonsetup wordpress blog in recent months, with it changing into associate ever costlier threat for each businesses and people, with the typical ransoms demanded by threat actors having skyrocketed within the last few years.

One way to confirm that ransomware will solely have a marginal impact on you is to stay backups of all the files that are necessary to you.

Many security product provide cloud backups as a part of their services currently, whereas associate encrypted external disc drive may even be an honest alternative.

Check out the thenortonsetup blogs and follow thenortonsetup on Twitter to stay up-to-date with the newest happenings within the world of threat intelligence and cybersecurity.

The Real Cost of Identity Theft


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Identity theft

It has been the FTC’s number one complaint. The Internal Revenue Service has taken proactive measures to forestall and notice it, nevertheless per the North American nation Department of Justice, fraud has spared few and has exploited 17.6 million folks within the North American nation.

It is distressful to grasp that despite all the precautions one will fancy stop identity theft, criminals realize newer and additional innovative ways that to use your identity.

To avoid being a victim of Identity theft, here is what you would like to grasp.

The most obvious outcome of identity theft is that the loss a victim endures. But there are many hidden consequences of identity theft that leave victims traumatized. In our knowledge driven world it’s arduous to stay your identity protected with precautions alone. Employing a reliable identity theft protection service can cause you to worry less concerning your identity being compromised.

Are you protective yourself from identity theft?

norton identity protection

With Norton Identity Protection Elite you recognize that you simply are in sensible hands.

Norton Identity Protection offers nonstop world surveillance. Cyber observation patrols over 10,000 contraband forums and websites wherever illegal mercantilism of stolen identities happens. It additionally monitors your credit cards, bank accounts, Social Security number, medical IDs and additional. And if we tend to spot suspicious use of your personal info you will get an alert.

Norton Identity Protection Elite provides in depth observation of your personal identifiers and alerts you of suspicious activity that involves your identity. If your identity is compromised, you are lined with unlimited access to a U.S. based mostly team of identity restoration consultants which will work with you till the matter is resolved.

Try Norton Identity Protection Elite harmless with our 60-day money-back guarantee


How to Prepare a Smartphone for Vacation


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norton mobile security

Prepare your smartphone for vacation.There are few times your smartphone or tablet are going to be additional in danger than after you maintain vacation. Though these things are specifically designed to accompany you on your travels. They are jam-packed with personal data that may place you, your finances and your personal estate in danger.

There’s no reason to assume the worst after you maintain vacation. However you’ll be able to greatly cut back your possibilities of a security breach by getting ready your smartphone or tablet before time and remaining alert whereas on your trip. Here’s a way to prepare a smartphone or tablet before you maintain vacation.


Change Your Passwords

Before you permit for vacation, take some moments to have faith in the non-public accounts you would possibly would like whereas on vacation—things like email and banking apps. Amendment the passwords on all of those accounts before you permit on your trip. Check that to make complicated and distinctive passwords that aren’t the same as any others you would possibly have utilized in the past. You’ll be able to amendment the passwords back once you come back home.


Update Apps

As tedious because it may be to update all of your apps, it’s a very important step to require once getting ready a smartphone or tablet for vacation. Apps are significantly vulnerable once not updated frequently. Newer versions usually contain patches that resolve potential security problems. Keeping your apps, also as your phone or tablet’s OS, up to now is a vital step once getting ready for a visit. You must additionally use this chance to travel through your apps and delete something you don’t use or would like.


Limit Social Media

As tempting because it may be to post each image from each purpose of interest on vacation, over-sharing data concerning wherever you’re and what you’re doing, particularly once you’re far away from home, will create major security risks to you also as your property. Share your photos once you come back home and take a look at to limit the day-after-day posting thus folks don’t assume you’ll be far away from your home for a very long amount.


Don’t Leave Devices Unattended

This should go while not language, however you’d be stunned by what percentage folks choose to check their laptops and tablets at the aerodrome. You wouldn’t leave your billfold out for everybody to check, or for complete strangers to hold up to your chamber. Continuously keep your sensible devices by your facet or during a safe place. If you utilize the building safe, don’t write the PIN or parole down within the area. Build it distinctive and keep it non-public. Keep your smartphone and tablet within the safe after you leave the building. If you don’t want to hold them with you.


Turn off Automatic Wi-Fi and Bluetooth property

Smartphones and laptops feature automatic property that permits you to attach Wi-Fi also as Bluetooth while not manually accepted the signal. These settings should modified before you depart for vacation. There’s nothing wrong with accessing the net on your smartphone. As long because the affiliation is secure and uses secret writing. This can be not continuously the case with public Wi-Fi and particularly with random Bluetooth signals. For safety’s reason, modify this feature within the settings section of device to confirm personal info isn’t attacked or seen.


Remain alert

The very last thing you ought to worry concerning. Whereas on vacation is whether or not your smartphone or tablet may use additional cyber security. By talking these steps, you’ll be able to rest a little easier. Knowing that you’ve done the most effective you’ll be able to avoid a possible threat. However, the foremost necessary factor to recollect is to get on the lookout for strange behavior from each your smartphone and tablet. Hear your instincts and be dubious of ‘free’ or ‘public’ Wi-Fi. Once unsure, flip your device off.


Follow the following pointers to arrange your smartphone and tablet for a secure and unforgettable vacation.

New Year Online Shopping: Naughty or Nice?


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online shopping - thenortonsetup

online shopping – thenortonsetup

Surprisingly, Folks surveyed by Norton Security in U.S said they plan to do less 40% of their New Year shopping online.

Norton released results of their online shopping survey simply in time for the vacations, once online retailers supply sales to lure shoppers into shopping for presents for themselves & others. However, the survey results could indicate those promotions don’t seem to be enough to encourage security-concerned shoppers to shop for online.

While issues concerning online shopping risks are high. Solely 25% of individuals in U.S, who truly get stressed once worrying concerning the safety problems with online shopping.


The Highest issues concerning the Risks of online shopping

On average, concerning one in 3 folks pay quite 2 hours per week looking online. 45% of individuals in U.S have already experienced credit card fraud when shopping online.

Participants were asked concerning what risks they worry most concerning once shopping online. The 2 highest issues were having credit card details taken, and buying merchandise from associate degree illegitimate web site. Astonishingly, folks were less involved concerning personal info being taken. Like falling victim to a data breach, or obtaining their username and secret details leaked from an internet site.


Online shopping Security

Although folks are aware that there’s a necessity for security. Once shopping online, concerning half don’t know or follow basic steps to secure their online shopping experiences.

When it involves online shopping security. There are a lots of security tools put in place to assist keep users and their transactions safe. However, one in 3 shoppers don’t explore for website security before shopping. Of the 60% who bother to ascertain, only 25%of total assured that they apprehend what to seem for.

Around half folks surveyed build their purchases from websites with solely enhanced security settings. The other half either don’t use them or don’t extremely perceive increased security.


Mobile Shopping

When it involves creating purchases on mobile phones, around 50% people in U.S use their smartphones to browse online shops. Of those, only 37% of them make purchases.


Protection + Education

While lots of those statistics could seem awful, they don’t need to be. If you intend to try and do any online shopping this year, it’s vital to understand a way to establish and use the safety tools out there to you. The most effective thanks to defend yourself and others from cybercriminals is to be proactive concerning the safety options out there and find out how they work. Here’s a summing up of a number of the foremost vital security tools out there for looking online, what to seem for, and the way to use them:

Check for SSL, aka Secure Sockets Layer that could be a secure shopping protocol. Sites with SSL feature ‘HTTPS://’ rather than ‘HTTP://’ in their net addresses. These certificates offer that safety padlock within the computer address bar of a browser, together with the HTTPS (“S” indicating “secure”) within the address bar.


Use a comprehensive net security solution like Norton Security Premium and make sure that it’s always up to date.

When looking on mobile devices, use a VPN once you browse. This encrypts your traffic therefore even though somebody manages to listen in, they’ll simply have a bunch of encrypted information. VPNs, or virtual personal networks, like Norton wireless fidelity Privacy will flip Wi-Fi into secured personal connections.

You can truly conclude lots a few website’s security by yearning for visual cues. Scan the complete website for trust marks. Norton Secure Seal could be a wide recognised trust mark that provides proof that a retailer’s identity has been verified and also the web site is secured by Symantec.

App issues are high, however, with Norton Mobile Security, you’ll use App Advisor for Android to help verify the legitimacy of associate degree app.

Lastly, if you’re still unsure concerning the believability of an internet site you’ll use Norton Security net, a free online tool, which will facilitate establish risky websites as you look.

NewYear thenortonsetup

NewYear thenortonsetup

Protect your identity and secret details. Secure yourself and your loved one from Cyberscams. Make this your New Year resolution from – “now no more Cyberscams and identity theft victim”.  Purchase Norton Security on this New Year to secure yourself and your loved one. Get benefit of amazing New Year Offers. For Norton setup support contact thenortonsetup.

Norton Security 7.3 for Mac Is Out Now


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Hi Everybody,

Norton Security 7.3 for Mac is currently on the market via LiveUpdate. Like norton previous updates, this version is being discharged during a phased manner in all supported languages. To transfer this update, merely run LiveUpdate.

To verify you have got the update, launch the Main User Interface, click on help, and choose about.

norton security

Below FAQ’s addresses some common questions:

1. However am i able to transfer this update?

This patch is merely on the market via LiveUpdate, and is being discharged during a phased manner.

2. What are the languages this update is out there for?

All supported languages.

3. What is new?

New Chrome extensions. Norton split its existing Chrome extension into 2 single purpose extensions and they are each on the market to transfer via the Chrome store.

4. Changes / Bug Fixes:.

Performance/Stability enhancements
Other bug fixes

Source: Symantec norton

Read more about norton security here.

Steps To Avoid Falling Victim To An Email Phishing Scam


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Norton family

A standout among the foremost notable routes for cyber criminals to require individual knowledge is by utilizing email phishing tricks. Cyber criminals frequently utilize this strategy for assault to entice representatives from large associations into clicking onto pernicious connections so that they will access company systems that contain profitable data. Here area unit ten recommendations on the most effective thanks to abstain from turning into Associate in Nursing email phishing casualty.

Phishing messages ofttimes wrestle the looks of correspondence from Associate in Nursing authentic and sure association, harassment casualties to faucet on connections which will build them transfer malignant substance or deceive them into contributive delicate knowledge onto a pretend website.

As of late, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) cautioned Netflix purchasers a few pretend email that contained connections to a phishing website that appears much indistinguishable to the real Netflix page.

Recommendations on the way to avoid falling for phishing scams:

  •  Don’t Trust The show Name

    A favorite phishing manoeuvre among cyber criminals is to spoof the show name of Associate in Nursing email. Here’s however it works: If a fraudster wished to impersonate the hypothetic complete “My Bank”, the e-mail could look one thing like:

unanuthorized login attempt
Since My Bank doesn’t own the domain “”, email authentication defenses won’t block this email on My Bank’s behalf.

Once delivered, the e-mail seems legitimate as a result of most user inboxes and mobile phones can solely gift the show name. Forever check the e-mail address within the header from — if appearance suspicious, flag the e-mail. It is important to notice that email addresses is faked thus it isn’t a fool-proof indicator.

  •  Look but do not Click

    Cyber criminals like to plant malicious links in legitimate-sounding copy. Hover your mouse over any links you discover embedded within the body of your email. If the link address appearance weird, don’t click thereon. If you have got any reservations regarding the link, send the e-mail on to your security team.

  • Check for writing system mistakes

    Brands area unit pretty serious regarding email. Legitimate messages typically don’t have major writing system mistakes or poor descriptive linguistics. browse your emails fastidiously and report something that appears suspicious.

    Also Read: New Norton Security Solutions

  •  Analyse The Salutation

    Is the email addressed to a obscure ‘Valued Customer?’ If thus, watch out—legitimate businesses can usually use a private salutation together with your 1st and cognomen.

  •  Do not surrender Personal Or Company counsel

    Most corporations can ne’er provoke personal credentials via email — particularly banks. Likewise most corporations can have policies in place preventing external communications of business IP. Stop yourself before revealing any counsel over email.

  •  Watch out for Pressing Or Threatening Language within the Subject Line

    Invoking a way of urgency or worry could be a common phishing manoeuvre. Watch out for subject lines that claim your “account has been suspended” or raise you to action Associate in Nursing “urgent payment request.”

  •  Review The Signature

    Lack of details regarding the signer or however you’ll contact an organization powerfully suggests a phish. Legitimate businesses forever give contact details. Check for them.

  • Do not Click On Attachments

    Including malicious attachments that contain viruses and malware could be a common phishing manoeuvre. Malware will injury files on your pc, steal your passwords or spy on you while not your information. Don’t open any email attachments you weren’t expecting.

  •  Do not Trust The Header From Email Address

    Fraudsters not solely spoof brands within the show name, however additionally spoof brands within the header from email address, as well as the name. Confine mind that simply because the sender’s email address appearance legitimate (e.g, it should not be. A well-recognized name in your inbox isn’t forever United Nations agency you think that it’s.

  •  Do not believe Everything You See

    Phishers area unit very smart at what they are doing. Several malicious emails embody convincing complete logos, language, and a apparently valid email address. Be skeptical once it involves your email messages — if it’s even remotely suspicious, don’t open it.

I cannot download My Norton Product


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If you see any error once you transfer your Norton product, or if your transfer failed to complete, attempt to re-download your product from your Norton account.

If you can not notice the Norton product that you simply wish to transfer in your account, browse i would like to feature my Norton product thus it’s out there in my account.
  1. Download your Norton product.
  2. If you are not signed in to Norton already, you will be prompted to sign in. Type your email address and password for Norton, and click on sign in.
  3. In the Setup window, click download Norton.
  4. Click Agree & transfer.

    You may see the message “Trial amount expired” if you put in a wrong product. Make certain that you simply transfer the Norton product that has an energetic subscription.

    If you would like to put in a brand new product that isn’t registered to your Norton account, click Enter a brand new Product Key, so enter the merchandise key or PIN to start the transfer.

    Type the Product key and click next.

  5. Do one among the subsequent looking on your browser:
    ¤  For Internet Explorer: Click Run.
    ¤  In Firefox or Safari: On the top-right corner of the browser, click the download choice to read the downloaded files, and click on the file that you simply downloaded.
    ¤  On Chrome: On the bottom-left corner, click the file that you simply downloaded.
  6. If the User Account management window seems, click Continue.
    Follow the on-screen directions.
  7. Your Norton product is currently put in and activated.

If you can not transfer or install the Norton product even once you follow the steps, choose one among of the best option:

You can visit for support.

You can call us +1-800-654-2115 for norton setup support.