How Can I Fix Some of The Basic Norton Antivirus Errors And Problems?

Last Updated on October 16, 2020

When it comes to antivirus and anti-malware programs and software, Norton antivirus is one of the most widely known and used programs for this purpose because of its wide application, effective and proven performance, as well as foolproof security. Fortunately, when it comes to technology, you never know when the smallest of things can end up being a hurdle. In the case that you end up stumbling a bit and facing a problem when using the Norton antivirus software, here are a few tips on how you can fix some of the basic and most commonly encountered Norton antivirus errors and problems:

I Cannot Install  OR Uninstall My Norton Antivirus Software

If you cannot install the program, check your PC to see if you already have an older version of Norton already installed. You will need to remove that to continue with the latest is very easy to download Norton antivirus using the website Norton antivirus setup. But before you go there, you will need your product key. You can get the product key when you purchase a subscription plan online. Subsequently, you will enter the key at, and receive a link to download your product.

If the software is having trouble uninstalling, you may need to use the Norton Removal Tool. You can download it from the internet and follow the given instructions.

I Cannot Find Norton Antivirus on My PC

If you have Windows 10 and cannot seem to find the software on your PC despite having downloaded it, download the Norton Fix Tool. Run as the administrator after clicking on the .exe. file and follow the given instructions that will take you to the update window.

My Norton Antivirus Software Won’t Launch

The very first thing you do should be to close Norton and restart your PC for a fresh start. If your software still does not work, check if you have the latest version. If not, either update it or uninstall and then install it again. If the issue still persists, run a complete scan of the PC and the program in normal mode.

My Internet is Acting Buggy Since I Downloaded Norton Antivirus

Some users have complained that after downloading the Norton antivirus program, their internet performance has been wonky. This may either be a problem inside your PC or externally, form your service provider. If you suspect that it is the former, it may be a firewall that is causing the problem. To fix it, you will have to restart your PC. Launch Norton antivirus setup, go to Firewall under Settings and click on Detail Settings. Here, you will need to turn off the Smart Firewall and then apply the changes. Restart your PC and launch Norton again to turn the firewall back on to fix the issue.