How Do I Resolve Norton Error 126?

Last Updated on October 10, 2020

Hundreds and thousands of individuals as well as corporations use Norton Antivirus to equip their individual PCs as well as large scale digital networks with the tools and features needed to protect oneself from the threats that run rampant in the cyber world. While is widely regarded as one of the best antivirus providers in the current sphere, it is not highly uncommon to run into occasional errors and bugs that may interfere with its performance. One of these is the error code 126.

What is Error 126?

When encountering this error, your screen will usually show you a code or pop up displaying the error code 126. This error may also present as frequent system freezes, crashes, and generally sluggish or poor performance which may be out of the ordinary. There are many issues that can be the root cause of this error, including damaged registry entries on your Windows, presence of viruses or other forms of malware on your system, or even the improper installation of Antivirus on your PC.

How Can I Fix Norton Error Code 126?

Here are some steps you can take to resolve this issue and fix the error code 126.

Scan for Malware

First of all, make sure that your PC is not infected with some malware. To do this, run a complete scan of your system and remove any suspicion files or programs that may be detected.

Change the Windows Registry Entries

You can also attempt to fix any errors in the Windows registry entries that may be causing the error 126 on your system. You can manually edit these entries but make sure that you make these changes under the supervision and with a lot of care as a mistake can cause a grand system failure. Also, make backup copies of the entries before making any changes.

Remove Temporary and Unnecessary Files

Go to Start and open the command prompt. Enter and run the command “cleanmgr” to eliminate any temporary and junk files that may be clogging your system and hogging it down.

Run a System Restore for Your Windows

Run the wizard on your PC to return back to the most optimum version of Windows on your system. Restart your computer to implement the changes.

Reinstall Norton Antivirus

As a last-ditch resort, if none of the above-mentioned techniques work, you can uninstall and then reinstall Antivirus on your PC.