Mcafee vs. Norton: Who Should I Opt For?

Last Updated on October 10, 2020

McAfee and Norton are two of the biggest names when it comes to computer and online protection against viruses and malware. So if you are someone in the process of deciding which antivirus subscription to purchase, what should you be looking out for? And who trumps the other when it comes to features, pricing, and effectiveness? Let’s take an overarching look that will help you make the distinction and select what best suits you: To get expert help visit


Let’s begin with the most critical aspect, and that is the pricing- you do not want to waste your time deliberating about a product that does not fit your budget. Security Premium will put you back around $50/year for the first year. McAfee is relatively cheaper, with Total Protection available at a rate of $45/year for new users.


Ideally, an antivirus application interface should be easy to navigate and extremely user friendly- all of this antivirus and malware business is confusing enough. Norton takes this one with an extremely simple and intuitive design, fit for mobile and tablet use, and operating under distinctive panels that keep things neat and clear. McAfee opts for a more menu oriented design although it is no less beautiful, albeit a bit confusing for new users


When it comes to a basic level of security, both McAfee and Norton offer amazing protection and will ensure that most of your data remain protected and safe at all times. They both offer basic screening, online protection, regular security scans, and protection from viruses and malware. When it comes to distinguishing features, gives you a password manager which stores your complex password in a secure file, over 25GB of cloud space so you can make backup copies of important files, and a disk optimizer as well as a startup manager. McAfee, on the other hand, gives you an identity manager, Live Safe file encryption, and a file shredder, True Key password, as well as an update manager for your other applications on the system or any of the subscribed devices. Which one you prefer depends on your specific requirements out of the program. Regardless, both programs offer great levels of security and protection.


Both McAfee and Norton Antivirus programs are extremely easy to download, with the latter easily available through the Norton antivirus setup. To get the Norton antivirus setup Antivirus package, you will have to make a subscription first at the online store, after which you will receive a product key which you should hang on to. You need to go to the Norton antivirus setup and click on Enter Product Key. Create a new account or sign in to the one you already have. Then all you have to do is enter your Norton antivirus setup product key and redeem your protection software.