How Does Norton Family Work On Our Computer?

Last Updated on November 15, 2020

Cybersecurity is no longer just an issue that major businesses and companies have to be worried about. It is not just a nuisance but an actual threat that is also plaguing regular internet users like you and me. This means that any device that you and your family members are using to store data or access the internet is susceptible to these cyber-attacks and can result in significant loss of data and system integrity. It can also expose you to inappropriate and dangerous content which is a red flag if you have kids in your family that access the web through these devices. To Get expert help visit Antivirus has introduced an antivirus solution that is designed especially for families who use tech devices and the internet and want to ensure that their data and online activity is as safe as possible. Norton Family accommodates for your children as well, ensuring that they are being safe and responsible when they are online. Family offers a number of unique family-based features that make it a very popular choice. Here is how it works to keep you and your loved ones’ digital lives safe and secure:

Masks Personal Information

The Family product keeps your child’s personal information safe from intruders, including their name, phone number, address, and school information.

Online Monitoring

With Web Supervision, you can monitor the websites your child visits when they are online on the protected computer and allows you to control the type of content your child is able to access for the sake of their security.

Search Supervision

Using Search Supervision, you can visualize the key terms that you children are searching for on their computer devices. You can use this feature of Norton to limit their exposure to inappropriate content and make sure they are staying safe when online.

Time Limitations

You can impose time limitations in regards to how long your child can access the internet on the computer before access is denied by This is to help teach healthy habits to your children when it comes to tech usage and time management.

Instant Lock Feature

The Instant Lock feature of Family enables you, as the parent, to lock your child’s online devices. They can be unlocked just as easily with the help of a custom PIN. This feature helps control device usage and safeguards private information in the case the device is stolen.