Protect yourself online with 3 easiest way

Protect yourself online

Today, we know the importance of mobile and slowly slowly it’s taking an important place in our life. I read somewhere the thinking of Edward Snowden.

He offered some advice for what average citizens can do to reclaim their privacy. Because the sharing of information should be a conversation, not an enigma buried in a site’s ‘Terms of Service.’

It’s true that every company want your personal information. It’s some reason.
Large firm like Microsoft, Apple and etc.. wants your data or feedback to improving the productivity and making user-friendly things. But If any company get your data without your permission then it’s a big problem.

Using these 3 steps, you can protect yourself online

  1. You must create your email at reputed website providers like AOL, Gmail (Google), Outlook (Microsoft) and etc.. They offer two-factor authentication step on your accounts. You can enable it. It’s the most primary steps to protect yourself online because everywhere you’ll need email account to open other accounts.┬áSome social sites provides two-step authentication also. You must use website’s features.
    This way an attacker needs not only your password, but also a physical device, like your smartphone, to get the secondary code that opens your account.
  2. Don’t click the unknown links. If you purchase any things at online retail store then you must check the https//. See the example.https security

    If your browser show the green color that means the site is secure and you can share your data with them for purchasing things.
  3. Download the antivirus software in your computer. Norton Internet Security is one of them. Antivirus softwares protect your PC from viruses, hackers and malicious programs like spyware, Trojan horse and etc. If you clicked any unknown link and it’s harmful or malicious link then Antivirus software automatically block that link or alert you about this.

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