How to Resolve Norton Error 111- “Miscellaneous Activation Error”?

Last Updated on October 10, 2020

Norton Antivirus is widely regarded as one of the top antivirus programs currently available in the market. Chock full of unique and useful features that effectively secure all of your data and browsing activities, products are a safe and worthy investment for all kinds of devices and platforms. If you are a user, however, do not be apprehensive if you occasionally run into errors such as Norton error 111.

What is The Norton Error 111 on Norton Antivirus?

Norton Error 111 is also regarded as the Miscellaneous Activation Error. There are several reasons why you may face this error, including incomplete installation of the software or issue during system shutdown or startup among others. The error usually presents as a pop-up error message displaying Norton Error Message 111. It is accompanied by a generally poor performing PC, with slow operations, frequent freezes, as well as system crashes.

What are the Steps to Fix The Norton Error 111?

If you find yourself struggling with the Norton error 111, do not worry as there are certain steps you can take to fix the issue. Following are some methods you can try to resolve the Miscellaneous Activation Error.

Running a Malware Scan

Sometimes, the presence of a virus or some other form of malware can interfere with the performance of To fix this issue, run a full malware scan of your device and remove any suspicious or infected files that are found on your system.

Updating System Drivers

Out of date systems, drivers and operating systems can also cause this Norton error 111. Make sure that you have downloaded the latest versions of your graphics and other drivers recently. Also, make sure you are upgraded to the latest version of Windows.

Cleaning Out Junk Files

Unnecessary and junk files tend to take up space and hog the system down, interfering with the performance of other system applications. To clean them out, run the command ‘cleanmgr’ in the command prompt and allow the system to automatically delete temporary files and unnecessary material from your system.

Reinstalling Norton Antivirus

If none of the above-mentioned methods work to resolve the error, the last thing you can try is uninstalling the antivirus program and then reinstalling it onto your system properly once again.