How to Resolve Norton Ghost Error 10030?

Last Updated on November 16, 2020

What is Norton Ghost Error 10030?

While Norton Antivirus is widely regarded as one of the top antivirus programs in the market, you may occasionally run into errors during its functioning such as the ghost error 10030. This error typically pops up when there is an issue in the communication between your Ghost console computer and the client computer.

How Can You Detect an Error 10030?

In case your Ghost system is experiencing the error 10030 on, you will receive the error whenever you attempt to manually connect the Ghost server session with a bootable CD.

How to Resolve Norton Ghost Error 10030?

The following are some of the methods you can use to resolve the ghosting error 10030 with In case the first method does not work to fix the issue, try the next one, and so forth until you no longer encounter the ghost error.

Method 1

First, make sure that your firewall is not causing the issue by opening up the UDP ports 6666 and 7777 as required by the GhostCast server.

  • Open the command prompt.
  • Run the command ‘netstat’. This will help you to locate open ports.
  • You can also use the command ‘telnet’ to find a particular open port.

Method 2

Ensure that your router is not blocking the multicast traffic.

  • Check if you are receiving the error message when supplying the IP address to the Ghost client by using the command Jaddr = ipaddressofconsole.
  • If you are, choose Unicast instead of Multicast in the IGMP settings of your router.

Method 3

Third party applications and software may be blocking the communication.

  • If the program has blocked Ghostsrv.exe, you can add it manually to the system.
  • Modify the existing one or add a new rule to permit communication via Ghost.

 Method 4

  • Update your system drivers. Make sure to check that your network adapter is accurate and updated to the latest version.

Method 5

  • Add the Ghost console and client to the workgroup after removing it from the domain.

 Method 6

This error 10053 can also arise due to issues in the switch or the router between the server and the PC.

  • Use a similar PC as the Ghost console to put an image on.

Method 7

Modify the repository controls.

  • Change the control of the Image Repository to ‘everybody’.
  • Once the error goes away, change the control from ‘everybody’ back to the specific Ghost client. 

Method 8

  • If all else fails, contact the support team at Symantec for some assistance.