How to Set Exclusion in Norton Antivirus Software?

Last Updated on October 17, 2020

Norton Antivirus Software is a protection suite that helps to scan a computer for malware and viruses and protects the user from becoming a victim to cybercrimes. A functioning and effective antivirus program is essential for any computer system to protect it from viruses, security breaches, and malicious software that can put sensitive data at risk.

If you have already installed an antivirus program such as Norton antivirus software, then you need not worry about it. If not, the first step is to download and install the setup of the Norton Antivirus software.


To download it, go to Click on the “Sign in” option then type the credentials like your email address and password.

After that, enter the product key that you have obtained while purchasing norton from an online store.

Then download it using in your computer by following the given instructions and click on the Agree and Continue options to finish the installation process.


Sometimes, you may feel the need to set exclusions in the Norton Antivirus software because when the Norton software detects any malware or malicious content, it attempts to delete and block it. With the help of the exclusion list, you can prevent it from Norton Antivirus software to take any action against programs or files that you trust and know are not suspicious.

However, you need to keep in mind that the exclusion of any file or folder from Norton Antivirus decreases the degree of protection of a computer since you are making it more susceptible to certain types of files. That is why exclusions should only be used for very specific, trusted files for which there is no doubt of any kind of suspicious activity.

Once you have downloaded the software, open the Norton Security Manager. In the pop-up window, go to the Settings option. A new window will appear with six options out of which you have to select Antivirus. The resulting window will show three tabs, one of them being Scans and Risks. Under this tab, you will find a list of files or folders that are categorized as Exclusion/Low Risk.

After choosing either of Items to Exclude from Scans or Items to Exclude from Auto-Protect SONAR and Download Intelligence Detection, depending on which configuration is best for you, you can Add Files and Folders in the new window that appears subsequently. Once you are satisfied with the changes you have made, you can click on the Apply option to save them.

In such a manner you have successfully added a particular file or folder to be excluded from the Norton Antivirus Scan.